RGB Angel Eye GN125-T CG125 Motorcycle Tail Light

Item No.: HPMTL001
DC12V motorcycle tail light
◆ 100% brand new and after-sales service.
◆ High quality ABS plastic shell; PC high-definition lens composition.
The A license plate holder was developed based on Honda CG125, but it is also compatible with (Philippine TMX125/155), so it can be directly mounted on this vehicle. But it is also compatible with Honda CG, CD, and CT series; And only a slight modification is needed for the mudguard. The taillights can also be easily installed on the above models.
The B-type license plate light was developed based on Su zuki GN125;
Development of ABS plastic and metal iron materials for license plate covers; For you to choose what suits you.
◆ Lighting part: Driving lights with RGB angel eye dynamic scanning breathing function; When braking, the entire tail light will show a flickering (explosive) state; Play a safer warning role during road driving. Simultaneously integrated with left and right turn signal functions, it is easier to clean and organize the rear of the vehicle.
Market scope: Global
detailed description
◆ Our internal model: MP-AF/LT-TL-680-ITSLED-CG/GN (CG/GN Angel Eye RGB Dynamic Light Guide Tail Light)
◆ Condition: 100% brand new and of high quality
◆ Main body material of the lamp: high-strength ABS plastic shell; PC lenses.
◆ Base color: black
◆ Lens color: smoked
◆ Light color: The position of the breathing running light (in the middle of the lamp) is dynamically scanned as red light; The driving lights that are integrated with the left and right turn signals can be equipped with ice blue light, red light, or white light;
The left and right turn signals are amber yellow; The brake lights exhibit a flickering (explosive) phenomenon.
◆ Light source type: LED
Working voltage: DC12V
Power: 2.4W